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Nigeria’s security challenges cannot end unless current education curriculum is changed –Ganduje


The National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Alhaji Umar Ganduje, has called for the urgent review of the academic curriculum of the nation’s universities, if the country is desirous of seeing positive changes.

Ganduje said unless the current curriculum which only produce English speaking graduates without employable skills that can be productive to society is changed the quest by President Bola Tinubu to tame the insecurity currently ravaging the country will be a waste of time.

Ganduje spoke yesterday at the Progressives Enterprise Skills Development Programme fior youths tagged ‘The Enterprise Skills Development Traing (EDET) Programme’ for young entrepreneurs in Lagos.

The National Chairman who was represented by the APC National Deputy Chairman, South, Chief Emmanuel Enoku, said, “In countries like China and India, children in primary and secondary schools learn skills, you will be surprised that some of the telephones we use today are built by children in primary schools in China and India, because there curriculum is such that skill development is included and they grow with it and they develop themselves through that and by the time they are out of school they are professionals and are ready to offer services to the society.

“But in our context, our own universities only produce graduates who are English speaking people, who cannot embark on the development of anything useful to the society.

“Now, the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is worried about the security of this country, there is nothing we can do to get it right unless we change the curriculum of our universities. The curriculum of this country has to be changed, we must bring in courses that while you are in school you are learning how to be a blacksmith, how to be a practical farmer, how to be a trader, let us go into practical learning and not theories that cannot be practiced.

“University education has become a formality, where you go to learn the prerequisite for education and when you come out you should look for skill you will learn so that you can feed your family, so that you can be useful to yourself and the society.

“As long as we do not imbibe this into our heads, we continue to produce yahoo boys, 419ers, we continue producing terrorists, we continue producing kidnappers and the kidnappers we are having now are professional kidnappers, because they now employ the education they had from the universities into the kidnapping business. We need to rethink our education to develop skills. So, I am urging our youths to remove the arrogance that I am a graduate, I studied whatever.”

Also speaking at the event which was attended by frontline party leaders in the state including former National Legal Adviser, Mr. Babatunde Ogala, SAN, Afenifere leader, Wale Osun among others, National Youth Leader of the APC, Dr. Dayo Israel, noted that the desire to ensure that the country’s youths are more productive and are able to build sustainable business that will endure.

He said, “Africa’s biggest challenges is poverty, inequality and lack of access to healthcare and education, the effect of this is also unemployment and the number one duty of government and the real essence of governance and politics is to improve the life and wellbeing of the people and as a political party we believe that our job is more than just electing people into office, our job is to ensure that those issues are treated, so election is only a pathway to solving societal challenges, to equipping the right leaders to ho into governance and politics.

“That is why we have come together to put this Progressives Enterprise Skills Development Programme together to build the capacity of the next generation entrepreneur, next generation business owners, to strengthen their capacity, help them become successful, to help them become equipped to be able to build business of the future, to be able to build sustainable businesses,  to be able to build businesses that will last and to be able to build businesses that grow across generations and that is our goal as the youth leader of the party,” he said.

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