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Mining pivotal to Nigeria’s economic diversification -Amb Tomitope Ajayi


An investor, Ambassador Temitope Ajayi, has stressed the crucial role of the mining sector in the economic diversification efforts of Nigeria, expressing happiness that the present administration has started taking mining business seriously.

Ambassador Ajayi, expressed this view on Thursday, at the ongoing three-day investigative hearing, organised by the Senate Committee on Solid Minerals Development, on the theme: “The need to comprehensively review the input and output values of the Nigeria mining industry in the light of its central role to the economic diversification, foreign exchange earnings and social inclusion.”

The investor, also known as “Mama Diaspora” of SV Net Mining Company Ltd, from Silicon Valley, said that she had been in Nigeria for the past seven months, expressing happiness that Nigeria has mineral resources all over the place and is now taking mining seriously.

According to her, nobody is talking about oil again because of the ozone layer, noting that apart from them going into mining, which is solar; “mining will give us carbon credit; that is huge. That is enough money in foreign exchange earnings.

“Now, lithium, gold, copper are the in thing. With lithium you get carbon credit; Nigeria has it all. People buy the lithium oil, that is not the money; it’s the lithium itself.

“Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is very important. What are we giving back to the society? The communities have to know they are rich. This is a revolution.”

She disclosed that her foreign investors would arrive Nigeria in the next two to three weeks, adding that she is so blessed to have 20 up takers including Saudi Arabia and Dubai.

Commenting on illegal miners, especially the female ones in the business, she said that in her own case, she would take care of those she calls “my girls”, adding “you may call them any name, but I call them my children. I love them; with love I’m going to change their lives into positive things.”

She said all the local boys, who are called names like illegal miners need love and attention. “I have made up my mind, at this stage of my life, let history remember me, once upon a time, one woman called HRH Temitope Ajayi or Mama Diaspora is calling all those kids; they are not bad kids. I’m going to empower them, get them into this. I’m telling my foreign investors, they are building houses for them.

“They felt neglected, rejected, that is why the society is calling them bad names, but for me, they are my children, they are part of my programme,” she said.


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