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Lagos demolishes 301 distressed buildings


The Lagos State Government has announced that it demolished 301 distressed buildings across the state in the last year, as part of its efforts to ensure public safety and maintain integrity of the city’s infrastructure.

This was disclosed by Dr. Olajide Babatunde, the Special Adviser to the Governor on e-GIS and Urban Development, at a ministerial news conference yesterday.

According to Babatunde, out of the 354 distressed buildings identified for demolition, 85 percent have been successfully removed, including those constructed under powerlines.

This significant milestone, he said, reflects the government’s commitment to addressing the issue of distressed buildings in the state and ensuring that all structures are safe for occupation.

In addition to the demolition of distressed buildings, the Lagos State Government is also introducing an innovative Electronic Physical Planning Permit Process System. This system aims to revolutionise the planning approval process by enabling building approvals to be obtained in just 10 minutes, thereby ensuring a seamless and efficient process for stakeholders.

The e-GIS project, which began in 2016 and gained momentum in 2021, is a strategic plan outlined by Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu to create a comprehensive digital platform for land administration and geographic information services.

The e-GIS Office (LAGIS) has been entrusted with overseeing the project, which includes the supervision and project management of the Lagos enterprise GIS upgrade and integrated land administration automated system.

He noted that a significant milestone was achieved on December 4, 2023, when the Bill for the establishment of the Lagos Geographic Information Service (LAGIS) was presented to the Lagos State House of Assembly. This bill, he noted aims to institutionalise enterprise geographic information services statewide and create an agency called the Lagos Geographic Information Service (LAGIS).


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