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Deadman shocks sympathisers, wakes up en route mortuary


An elderly man, name withheld, who was declared dead after involvement in a case identified by friends and family as poisoning after he attended a meeting, woke up several hours later while being taken to the mortuary.

Dayspringnews reports that the man who narrowly escaped being taken to the mortuary after being declared dead in the late hours of Tuesday, March 26, shocked members of his family, residents and mortuary attendants who came to carry his ‘dead’ body.

While his family members and friends rejoiced and hailed the incident as miraculous, other residents of the area and the mortuary attendants were left in shock, as everything according to a source who spoke anonymously happened as if it was in the movies.

Dayspringnews reports that the incident which occurred on Wednesday at Umuobasi, a Rural Community in the Port Harcourt Road axis of Aba South Local Government Area, sent shock waves to the streets as it became the topic of the town.

A source close to the family told New Telegraph that the elderly man was reportedly poisoned and was declared dead by some health experts who attended to him after suffering stomach problems which led to him vomiting blood and quickly passing out on Tuesday night before he could be rushed to a hospital.

As gathered, the man’s family contacted the St Joseph’s Catholic Hospital/Mortuary in Ohabiam area of the same Aba South Local Government Area to come to Umuobasi Community to convey their father’s corpse to the mortuary after he was certified dead in the late hours of Tuesday and again in the early hours of Wednesday.

“On getting to Umuobasi, the family asked the ambulance service man invited by the mortuary to wait a little bit that the man’s first son was on his way back home.

“As of then, the man’s body was already wrapped while the ambulance was already open waiting to convey his remains to the morgue.

“It was dramatic when his son came back, went straight to where the corpse was, placed his hands on him and shouted in a loud voice, calling Papa why will you leave us like this, suddenly the man woke up and stood up to the shock of everyone.

“Many took to their heels, but later returned to see that the dead man was alive again. Right there, the ambulance serviceman insisted he must be paid and the family paid him.

“I was equally around when the mortuary attendants were calling the ambulance service man demanding to know what was delaying him and he explained what happened on the phone to them,” an eyewitness said.

When Dayspringnews made a move to speak with the ‘resurrected’ man and his family, a source in the family who demanded anonymity confirmed the story of the man’s death and coming back to life, but stressed that the family has decided to be silent on the matter and will not want to attract much attention.


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