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Ife group condemns killing in Ifeland, sues for peace


The Ifeland Peace and Development Movement (IPDM), a voluntary non-aligned group of professionals and businessmen and women who are indigenes of Ile-Ife and Modakeke, has condemned the killing of farmers last week in Ifeland around Toro, Aba Panu, Wanisani villages by criminals pretending to be representing community interests.

In a release by IPDM, the movement opined that solving the problem of recurring criminality should start from identifying the beneficiaries of the invented mayhem and bringing them to justice to face the consequences of their actions.

“No one, no matter how highly placed in the community, should be treated as untouchable,” the statement said.

“IPDM totally condemn these acts of criminality and call on law enforcement agencies to fish out the criminals and bring them to book.

“In addition, the IPDM called on the apex community leadership organisation – Ife Development Board (IDB), and Modakeke Progressive Union (MPU) to continue to condemn criminality and encourage peace.


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