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It’s Still February: Self-Love Is The Way To Go


Gbemi O-O at the launch of The Macallan Lounge in Kaly

Self-love isn’t just an Instagram aesthetic or lifestyle blog cliché, it’s an act of service to yourself that can help elevate not just your soul but your mind and the overall perception of your self-worth. Valentine’s day has come and gone; the oppression was done and we appreciate it. But how can you make every day of this month feel like the perfect day for you? Here are 5 ways you can show yourself some well-deserved love this month.

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  1. Look and Feel Amazing

Research shows that taking the time to cater to your physical outlook increases the chances of happiness in both men and women. This February, devote time to pampering yourself – treat yourself to a salon haircut, visit your favourite barber for a shape-up, indulge in a manicure or pedicure, or schedule a rejuvenating spa treatment. Learn to pamper yourself like you would pamper any significant other because you matter too.

Fine whisky can be your perfect gift

  1. YOLO: Splurge On Yourself

As the person most familiar with your interests, seize this opportunity to thoughtfully select a gift tailored specifically for yourself.

Gifts don’t have to be extravagant (unless you want to go big, then do you!). However, simple but meaningful items work too. You may decide to purchase the latest Van Cleef jewellery or a Sherry Oak 25 YO whisky. Or you may decide to create a signature scent at a DIY perfume class, a mug with your name on it or a scented candle?

Spoil yourself!

Food and whisky pairing

  1. Explore your inner chef

If the way to your heart is through your stomach, then why not cook up a storm this month? Forget the rules; what do you love to eat? Whatever it is, enjoy! You can head to YouTube and search for recipes for meals, and you may also decide to add a flair to your dish and create your signature cocktail to switch things up!

Image of a movie screening just for you

  1. Solo Movie Date

Grab your blanket, cosy up in front of your TV or laptop and binge-watch your favourite movie or TV series. Spending quality time alone is enlightening; you can discover new insights about yourself.  Special movies and funny YouTube clips can evoke the feeling of nostalgia and that feel-good emotion we all need in this heat.

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  1. Journal All Your Wild Thoughts

Fifty Shades of Grey started as  E.L. James’ thoughts on Wattpad. Who says the perfect novel of our generation is not in your mind?

Grab a glass of whisky, find a quiet spot, and write. It might not be the perfect novel, but journaling helps relieve stress, aids the organisation of emotions, and is a simple and accessible means of not only self but mental health care too.

Leonardo da Vinci penned down some amazing invention ideas in his journals.  Be like Leonardo da Vinci and journal.


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  1. Speak Amazing Thoughts

Take time to speak positivity over yourself and your mind. Words of affirmation are not only a form of reassurance but it also serves as a confidence booster and sets the tone of your entire day.

Look at the mirror and say these affirmations to yourself: ‘I am fearless, I attract love, I am blessed, I am beautiful and everything I engage in today works out for my benefit’. You can tweak it to suit you!

Ultimately, don’t forget to fall in love with yourself over and over again, because before anyone else there was first you.

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