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Economic Hardship: PDP governors acting irresponsibly – Tinubu support group


The Tinubu Media Support Group has accused governors elected on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, of acting irresponsibly.

The group in a statement issued Thursday by its Chairman, Jesutega Onokpasa, alleged that the governors who are benefitting from improved allocations should not be seen to be reluctant to act decisively to ameliorate the hardship of people in their domain.

It maintained that the opposition governors acted in a dishonourable and irresponsible manner by seeking to absolve themselves of responsibility for easing the burden of hardship faced by Nigerians in the aftermath of the removal of fuel subsidy.

It said: “We find it insulting that people who are saddled with the constitutional responsibility of taking care of the welfare of the citizenry have the effrontery to make it look like it is the sole duty of the federal government to address challenges sparked by fuel subsidy removal.

“These PDP governors, like their counterparts in other parties, have in the last 8 months been receiving far more allocations from the federation account for states and council areas, yet they are opting to play the ostrich when it comes to bringing succour to Nigerians feeling the brunt of the action.

“It is preposterous that governors who are members of the National Economic Council are comparing the Nigerian situation to Venezuela with its 190% inflation rate in a country where people use sack loads of cash to buy basic things. Meanwhile, Nigeria’s current inflation rate of 28.94% is at the same level as the August 2005 inflation number of 28.2%.

“The governors had the temerity to urge the Federal Government to, ‘as a matter of urgency’, introduce initiatives when it is clear that the President Bola Tinubu administration has been active with deploying emergency measures as well introducing long term efforts to tackle food security.”

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