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New shows to look out for this February on GOtv


February is packed with an exciting lineup of new shows catering to various tastes. Get ready for hearty laughter and quality family time with the new comedy drama series, Grandpa Knows Best. Experience epic game battles between siblings that will keep you on the edge of your seat in the new game show, Siblings Challenge, and immerse yourself with the theme of the month (LOVE) with Love and Translation where language barrier has no hold over love.

Here is a line-up of some exciting and thrilling show:

Siblings Challenge: The bond between siblings cannot be matched. This show revolves around the relationships and dynamics between teenage siblings from different families. The challenge pits two paired siblings against other sibling pairs in a series of friendly yet competitive games, testing the strength of their relationships. The new episode starts 17th of February on Africa Magic Family GOtv ch 7.


Buri: This Hausa drama series, subtitled in English, tells the story of a wealthy businessman who awakens with retrograde amnesia and embarks on a journey to discover his identity. As he goes on to find his identity, he unravels hidden secrets and imminent dangers, orchestrated by dark forces within his own family and close associates who want him dead at all costs. Premiers 23rd of February on Africa Magic Hausa, GOtv ch 3.

Grandpa Knows Best: This comedy infused drama series centres around Tade Idejo, a 70-year-old father, and his about to be divorced 47-year-old son, Segun. Both men find themselves in situations they are completely unprepared for and have a difficult time navigating their way through life. Showing Saturdays at 8pm on Africa Magic Family (GOtv ch 7).

Rock Paper Scissors: This animated show follows the hilarious shenanigans of roommates, Rock, Paper, and Scissors, on their shenanigans and ridiculous adventures. Despite their constant competition and playful antics, the trio always finds common ground in their shared love for one thing—wacky nonsense.  Showing 3pm weekdays from 19th of February on Nickelodeon GOtv ch 87.

Love and Translation: There is really no one way or route to finding love. In this love bound show, American men embark on an epic adventure in a tropical paradise to find “the one” amongst a group of women from all over the world. But, it comes with a twist. They do not share a common language. None of the women speak or understand English, whilst the men do not speak their languages either. Can they navigate the odds and find love? Catch the premiere episode on the 14th of February on TLC GOtv ch 35


Lagos Big Girl Season 2: It’s all about popularity, fame, and money in this thrilling drama. Oluchi arrives in Lagos from Italy, wanting it all. She wants to be as popular and famous as Kylie Jenner and that is exactly what she came back to Nigeria to achieve, and she must get it at all cost. Catch the Second season of this thrilling show Thursdays 7pm on Africa Magic Urban GOtv ch 8


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